5 Secrets That Turns Ideas Into Products That Sell

So you had a killer brainstorm that is going to be (or already is) a new product. You know that others like you will be so relieved once they see how you have solved that pesky problem. You developed the prototype. You sourced a manufacturer. You borrowed money to build a website (and it wasn’t easily come by) You got your dba  UFABETอันไหนคนสมัครเยอะ

and opened a merchant account. You even have a lawyer. Best yet, you are the first to market – no one has done this before. Wooo hooo!

You’re proud of yourself and you’re feeling like a new future lies in front of you. Cheers!

Suddenly, your email box is inundated by marketers selling you super expensive infomercials for “just $60,000.” The call from the remnant advertising guy offering you space in a national magazine for only $15,000 was tempting. Have you started to wonder where the heck am I going to come up with this kind money? Do you know how cost effective one choice would be over the other?

Can you say what kind of marketing would be the best use your money? Panic sets in when you realize that you really didn’t think about marketing; did you? You may been dreaming of how difference your product is and how it will make you an industry hero, but now the reality of getting your to your customer can be overwhelming. I’ve always said that the development of any product or service without knowing who wants it and where you can find them is a terrible waste of money.

Hands down, the most important question any entrepreneur can ask themselves are these: How do I get my customer to actually buy my product? And talking about my customers, where the heck can I find them? After 20 years in the PR business launching new products, I have seen this trajectory of thought many times. I have met with so many excited entrepreneurs, all of whom have truly great ideas that solve real problems.

The truly rare bird entrepreneur — the one with the highest potential for success — is not the one with the coolest mousetrap, but the one who has figured out how to actually get their product to the people who need it.
Are you a rare bird — or not so sure?

Don’t panic.

You’re not alone.

Many entrepreneurs get to the point of having a product ready for sale and then slip into a debilitating case of overwhelm. You may be saying to yourself, “I know my industry. I know why this important. My product rocks! But, I don’t know the first thing about marketing. ”

This is so common.

Author of “The E Myth,” Michael Gerber, portends that 85% of American businesses are developed by “craftsmen;” mechanics who start automotive repair companies, or chefs who start restaurants. He says that these craftspeople spend 100% of their time doing the part of the business they know, but ignore splitting their time doing business development and building operational systems.

So are you spending 100% of your time making your product really bitchin, packaging cool or your retail space irresistibly beautiful? When you start thinking about getting the word out to people who will actually buy your product or come to your store, do you go blank? Is panic setting into your belly at the very words you just read? Are you flushing thinking about how much money you’ve just spent and realized that you do spend 100% of your time just on your product?