C helps increase sperm’s movement

Fruits and Vegetables – Fruits and veggies contain many essential vitamins for healthy sperm and are filled with antioxidants, which help keep the sperm from becoming damaged due to free radicals. Vitamin A works on sperm to boost its speed where as vitamin C helps increase sperm’s movement, prevents defects in the sperm and increases production of sperm. Fruits and vegetables also contain vitamin D, which keeps sperm active. Folic acid is another important mineral that is necessary for healthy sperm since it helps prevent abnormalities with sperm’s chromosomes. Fruits and vegetables high in folic acid include avocados, spinach and broccoli. Pumpkin Seeds – Another great source of zinc, pumpkin seeds help increase sperm count and testosterone levels, reducing infertility problems. These seeds are filled with omega-3 fatty acids that function to stimulate the blood flow to the sexual organs. This not only can help raise sperm counts, but also improves sexual function. Pumpkin seeds are also filled with vitamin E, which assists in sperm movement. For increasing sperm count it is recommended that ¼ cup of seeds per day be consumed. Pomegranate Juice – Drinking pomegranate juice has been shown to raise sperm count and help produce healthier sperm. Pomegranate juice reduces the levels of malondialdehyde in blood, which can affect sperm production. Pomegranate juice not only lowers the levels of malondialdehyde in blood, but also in sperm. It also helps with erectile dysfunction. male extra

Proper nutrition not only plays a role in over-all health, but also can affect fertility. Men account for about 40% of all fertility problems. Research shows that low sperm counts and the quality of the sperm are directly linked to improper eating habits as well as regular consumption of alcohol. Below are the top five fertility foods that can help increase sperm volume and quality, ensuring that the sperm that is produced will be numerous and healthy. Oysters Oysters contain high levels of zinc, which is important in increasing testosterone levels and sperm counts. By simply eating six oysters, men can receive double the amount of zinc that is normally recommended for male fertility problems. Zinc also helps boost the immune system. Other foods to boost fertility that are rich in zinc include wheat germ, lean beef, lamb, turkey, beans, chocolate and peanuts.