First, are the women who live or work

Let’s look at two examples. First, are the women who live or work in your area short on time? Women who would love to spend more time on themselves but are just too busy for most beauty treatments. Why not offer mini services to these busy women on their lunch break or straight after work.Second, are there a lot of retired women around your area who have a high disposable income and more time available to spend on themselves? If so could you offer luxurious pampering sessions?Put yourself in the position of potential clients in your area. If you lived their life what would help you? What type of product or service would you like?Are your sharing your message enough? Who even knows your business exists?If you want to get customers you have to be known. Are you hiding behind your business? Are you stuck in your salon or home office wondering when the phone is going to ring or when potential clients will walk through the door? When you are not busy are you making efforts to be known? Really known. 마사지

It takes more than one attempt at promoting your products and services for people to remember your name. It is said that it can take 5 or more messages from you for people to even start to take notice. People are bombarded these days with messages: on the T, the radio, their computer, at the shops that it takes a concerted effort for your voice to stand out. What are you doing to be heard?Gone are the days of people accepting messages that are blasted at them. People are more discerning. They want to get to know who they are doing business with. Know, like and trust are key elements of the sale these days. Consequently you need to build relationships with people; potential clients and your current clients.Are you taking care of your customers? It costs a lot more to find new customers than take care of the ones you already have. You want to treat your customers so well that they won’t even think about going elsewhere for the products and services you offer. Happy customers will also refer your business more often to people they know and building your business through referrals is the best business growth of all.