Prevent Nutrient Deficiencies Diseases in Mature Men

Who else is looking for some super simple penis enlargement tips that AREN’T a scam? The unfortunate truth, which I’m sure you are already well aware, is that most of the articles, offers and online PE promotions are exaggerated at best….and out and out fraudulent at worst.Why? Because most of us are insecure about our size. If you believe e the surveys, (and I do!) close to 80% of us have at least some size related insecurities. Movies, music and simply society in general places a stigma on having a small penis….and whether we REALLY do or not, many men feel the pressure to measure up.With this in mind, and after writing WAY more than 20,000 words on the topic of mens’ health and male enhancement strategies specifically, here are some of my best tips, tools and “technologies” for men who want GREAT gains without the bunk!Filed Under: Your Diet plays a roleWhile we may NOT quite be “what we eat” per se when it comes to size, the truth is, your diet DOES play a role in your anatomical health from a “manhood” perspective. Foods rich in omega 6 fatty acids, phytonutrients and other anti-oxidants can expand the blood vessels in the corposa cavernosa (the primary penile chamber) allowing more blood to get in, and allowing you to stay harder, and longer…..FOR longer..:-) (and without taking any dangerous pills) extenze


Do PE exercises work? Is jelqing, elevation exercises, contractions and otherwise a good way of getting super size from home? I of course say YES…from personal experience AND from my years as an “expert” author in mens health. (which is really more about my personal experience, than any real expertise I humbly add..:-) But, recent studies by Urologists studying penis enlargement techniques finally seem to agree. Stretching the tissue in the penis DOES in fact seem now to be scientifically supported to work, and several peer reviewed, published scientific papers coming out of Canada and Europe over the last 18 months suggest the GAINS are permanent. These studies looked at penis extension devices AND exercise alike….with both approaches seeming to stretch the spongy tissue significantly enough to create significant size improvements that were hard to believe. (but true none the less as many of us have known for years. The best advice I can give you, is to stay away from the high hype pills, potions, pumps, pulleys and any other outrageous offer that sounds to good to be true. They rarely work…and are usually a complete and utter waste of time, energy and income. (take it from all of us who’ve been there……..and save yourself the aggravation. You’ll thank me later..:-)